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More Big Thoughts on Living Small: Parkside Studios & Hotel Churchill

Micro-units – rental dwelling units that are 300 square feet or less in floor area – continue to be a hot topic in the press and on the web. Micro-fever is catching here at Studio E Architects as well, with … Continue reading

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New Associates Named at 2258 First Avenue

Maxine Ward and Mathilda Bialk were promoted to Associates at Studio E Architects last week. The pair were recognized for their leadership and self-motivated business development efforts. The two joined the firm within months of each other in 2007 and … Continue reading

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Vive La France! 30 years later, John revisits Fontainebleau

2013 marks to 90th Anniversary of the Ecoles d’Art Américaines de Fontainebleau. In 1983, I had the privilege of attending this venerable and amazing summer school… This July, I had the second privilege of visiting the old chateau during the … Continue reading

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Bikeway Village approved by California Coastal Commission

Our proposal for Bikeway Village in the south bay city of Imperial Beach is making news, as the project received approval from the California Coastal Commission and is preparing for the next leg in its race toward becoming a reality… Bikeway … Continue reading

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Micro-Flats: an Old Idea Whose Time Has Come… Again

Despite a torrent of recent attention in the press, Micro- isn’t a new idea… Architects have been noodling on the virtues compact living quarters for a good long time (and we’re no exception). I recalled a famous example recently that … Continue reading

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Small is the New Black – the current fascination with Micro-flats

Small is cool again. The Fiat 500, “small bite” menus, micro-breweries… This cultural tendency toward the tiny has even extended to the multi-family development world, which is a-buzz this spring with discussions about Micro-Flats. Tiny dwelling units are turning up … Continue reading

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Retreat and Advance Part 1

As we look ahead to a bright year, it is always nice to stop and reflect on how far we have come. The office had the opportunity to assemble at Pier 32 Marina for the annual office retreat. We came … Continue reading

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New Year, New Faces at Studio E Architects

It’s been a busy start to the new year here at Studio E – with several new projects on the boards and several more in construction, the outlook for 2013 is promising. On that note, we’re also very happy to … Continue reading

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Rotate Slowly and See – 25 years of Studio E Holiday Cards

As we wrap up 2012 and our 25th year in business this week, we’ve decided to hop in the wayback machine for a look back on the long and storied history of a Studio E Architects office tradition, that of … Continue reading

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Scenes from Studio E Architects’ 25th Anniversary Party

If you’ve been following this space lately, you are by now well aware that 2012 is the 25th Anniversary of Studio E Architects. After writing about it for the good part of a year, we finally celebrated the occasion by … Continue reading

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