UCSD Housing & Dining Services Administration Building: Specificity: Shared Principles

Studio E Definition.
We are opportunists. Each project begins with a careful investigation of the uniqueness of its setting: culture, climate, geography, built context, and landscape. We seek the idiosyncratic and particular. Our work rejects generic solutions, grounding itself instead in the specifics of place.

    2 Big Questions:
    1. How is this building similar to other buildings with similar program?
    2. How can we make this building unique and specific to its location?

    UCSD Housing & Dining Services Administration Building.
    The design for this project resolves a sequence of specific responses to the project’s program and its coastal setting. The coastal condition is referenced in rough board-formed concrete walls at the lowest level, a sheltering overlook pier above a grotto-like entrance, a west-facing site stair whose zigzagging form echoes local bluff-climbing beach flights, and an ocean-colored glass wall. Meeting, conference, and event spaces were raised to upper levels where the west-facing glass screen wall allows ocean and sunset views while confronting intense solar gain. This iconic screen, utilizing high-performance laminated tinted glass with colored interlayer wraps the buildings west end. Three colors of glazing were carefully placed and oriented to shimmer like ocean waves.

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