The Studio E Team Share Our Principles

Each New Year, Studio E, like many offices, undertakes an office retreat. This year things were a little different. Yes, we still had the end of year report and the look ahead report, but we focused instead on what each team member could contribute to the process of self-reflection.

For more than 20 years, Studio E’s work has been directed by a set of core values which provide a stable reference for creating work of lasting value. These values of Placemaking, Specificity, Reclaiming, Alchemy, Possibility, Energy & Choreography are highlighted on our website under the Ideas section.

These principles are frequently referred to when discussing a project within the office and are not just marketing jargon. Although this list was developed and refined early in the firm’s history, the partners (John and Eric) believe strongly that these principles should remain open to change through discussion and thoughtful re-examination. For the retreat, we asked each team member to select one principle and consider:

  • What does this principle mean to you personally?
  • What aspect of this principle have we not yet explored in our work?
  • How can we take this principle farther and what might that look like?
  • Show us some examples of this principle in action.

Each of us responded in very different & creative ways to the task, as you might imagine. We each gave a short presentation accompanied by images of both office work, personal work and other people’s work.

In order to memorialize these presentations and the discussions they generated, we will be sharing a synopsis of each of our retreat presentations here on the blog. The first will be Placemaking by Kevin Nivinskus. Stay tuned!

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