What’s Cookin’ at Studio E in 2013 – 2nd Course

13 is a number that has been known to cause some folks a fair amount of anxiety – with a list of associated superstitions so long, it’s enough to make anyone paranoid. Well, you won’t find any triskaidekaphobiacs around at Studio E Architects, as 2013 is off to such a great start that 13 may be our new favorite number!

Last week, we served up a preview of a promising year ahead with the first course of our “architectural amuse-bouche“– in the world of haute cuisine, a single-bite appetizer intended to amuse the mouth and invigorate the palate…


In our little corner of the world, it’s a quick glimpse of the projects we’ve got on the boards that will be featured more in depth in this space in the future. We’d like to present you with the second course of “What’s Cookin’” at Studio E in 2013!


Albert Einstein Academy:  San Diego, California

A former 4-story convalescent hospital will be repurposed as a new Charter Middle School for the Albert Einstein Academies. The 40,000 square foot building stands in the shadow of Grant Hill Park (named after the son of the 18th President United States) and enjoys sweeping views of the Coronado Bridge and downtown San Diego skyline. Existing balconies will be hung with perforated metal scrims that allow sun and breezes through while creating safe outdoor learning annexes to the adjoining rooms. Extensive site improvements will include a new play yard, parking areas and kid-friendly landscaping.

Revelle Plaza Cafe

UCSD Revelle Plaza Cafe:  San Diego, California

This project brings student dining fast forward from a 1967 version to 2013 and beyond…Food preparation is put front and center and moved out of the back-of-house and into the seating area. Forget what you know of cafeterias and think hip restaurant with an emphasis on freshness and variety. The work also includes a coffee bar and convenience store as well as some very “chill” outdoor dining/lounge areas.


High Tech Elementary North County:  San Marcos, California

A 34,000 sf elementary school will complete the San Marcos campus for the North County “franchise” of High Tech High. Following the Studio E-designed Middle School that opened in 2012 – this single story building will open at the beginning of the academic year in 2014.


Sunnyvale Studios:  Sunnyvale, California

A sixty-one unit micro-unit project in the mold of Archer Studios is on the boards and working its way through the public approval process in the heart of Silicon Valley.  Super-efficient units are complimented with generous outdoor passive recreation areas and indoor social spaces.

That’s all for this course – stay tuned to this space for future offerings!

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