West Village Featured in Sunset Magazine

For those of you subscribed to Sunset Magazine you might’ve already seen UC Davis West Village featured on page 70, in their article “The University of ECOTOPIA”…and if you haven’t, pick up a copy of Sunset Mag and read up on the largest planned “Zero Net Energy” (ZNE) project to date in the United States!

Sunset Magazine, March 2011 (Page 70-71)

A little about the project…West Village Square forms the heart of UC Davis’ new West Village community. This mixed-use grouping expresses the fundamental West Village plan values of community, openness, and environmental responsiveness. The development focuses on the central Village Square, an open-air “living room” where residents and visitors will enjoy West Village’s amenities and the social interaction. West Village Square comprises 123 units of upper-division and graduate student rental housing, 45,000 SF of storefront lease space, a recreation center, and a leasing office.

Photo by: Kenneth Cantrell, ViewPoint Aerial Photography

Photo by: Frederic Larson, on behalf of Carmel Partners, Inc.

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