UC Davis West Village Square – Site Visit

UC Davis West Village construction was coming along during our site visit last week. The weather was beautiful and site was busy. Formwork, conduits and rebar are in place and slab is ready to be poured at the Leasing & Recreation building. Formwork for the PT slab is in for Mixed-Use buildings 1 & 2 and penetrations are being located. Mixed-Use buildings 3, 4, 5 & 6 will follow in the next few weeks. The adjacent Student Housing project is well on its way in the background.

UC Davis West Village Site Visit

For those of you unfamiliar with the project, West Village Square will form the heart of UC Davis’ West Village community. This mixed-use grouping will express the fundamental West Village plan values ofcommunity, openness, and environmental responsiveness.

West Village Mixed Use Rendering by Transparent House

West Village Aerial Rendering

The development focuses on the central Village Square, an open-air “living room” where residents and visitors will enjoy West Village’s amenities and the social interaction of this University community. West Village Square will comprise approximately 200 beds of upper-division and graduate student rental housing, 45,000 SF of storefront lease space, a recreation center, and a leasing office.

Construction began Spring 2010.

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