UC Davis – Students and Faculty Turn West Village into a Home

Students and Faculty have begun moving into the Mixed-Use buildings surrounding the Village Square and the buildings are coming to life. The sliding sunshades are already in use, bikes have found their place on the balconies and students are checking out the view while sweating on the treadmills.

Four of the six Mixed-Use buildings are occupied and the remaining two are scheduled for move-in mid-October. The Leasing and Recreation building has been in use for a couple months and has become quite the hang out already. With a pool scene like that we all wish we were back in school…well, maybe not but tempting.

Along with symbolizing many of Studio E’s principles, this is the largest planned Zero Net Energy Development in the U.S. Now that’s something to celebrate!

UC Davis West Village will make it’s debut October 15th.

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3 Responses to UC Davis – Students and Faculty Turn West Village into a Home

  1. Dan says:

    This project has turned out awesome. Great work, it’s exciting to see it built, and I can’t wait to see live action shots in use!

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