Thanksgiving at Washington Street Apartments

Last Thursday we enjoyed an early Thanksgiving meal with the residents of Washington Street Apartments in La Quinta, California. We were there to present our latest designs for their site which includes complete redesigns of the existing 74 units and the addition of 24 new units. Additionally, we are adding new common amenities and redesigning the open spaces. The designs follow our sustainable design principles and will employ a variety of ancient and modern means to capture energy and protect from the desert heat.

Tilly Whitehead and landscape architect Ron Gregory listening to resident's ideas.

The residents came loaded with all kinds of great ideas and thoughts for us. We learned some things about what it is like to live on the site and what we could do to make the experience there as good as it could be.

Eric Naslund talking through ideas for the interiors with two residents.

The project will complete its approvals with the City of La Quinta in January 2012.

Residents look over all the design boards.


Aerial View of Washington Street Apartments

A thirty year old site reborn as a truly sustainable community. We can’t wait…

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