Studio E’s Latest Seasonal Venture: Gingerbread Houses

Every year we set ourselves a challenge to better our previous year’s Christmas card and every year it gets harder. Everyone submits ideas, we sit around the table one lunchtime and brainstorm the pros and cons of each. The shortlisted ideas are pinned on the studio wall and voted on.

This year I made the crazy suggestion that we should make a gingerbread house inspired by one of our projects. Note that I have never made a gingerbread house before… This suggestion should really have been greeted by shouts of “Nice idea, but way too difficult” from the gingerbread house pros in the room. But somehow people couldn’t resist the thought of copious amounts of candy and cookies lying around the office.

So here are some photos of everyone joining in to build and decorate our E shaped house, which we then photographed for our Christmas card. Note the sustainable design features: the slim building footprint to allow for optimum daylight penetration and cross ventilation, the indoor-outdoor connection with the candy cane porches, the jelly glazing set in a deep recess with pretzel trellises providing shade, the wafer solar panels on the roof.

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4 Responses to Studio E’s Latest Seasonal Venture: Gingerbread Houses

  1. Ana Castro says:

    I love it !! Mis you all.
    Merry Christmas and the Best for 2012

  2. Squeezemesue says:

    Is that a bottle of glue in one of the photos? Yummy!

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