Spruce Street Bridge Turns 100 – Studio E Turns 25!

A few blocks from our offices in the Bankers Hill neighborhood of San Diego a one-of-a-kind suspension bridge turned 100 years old yesterday.

The Spruce Street Bridge is one of a handful of foot bridges built across mid-City canyons back in the day. Enterprising land speculators and home developers commissioned them looking to make their “new” single family lots accessible to (then) trolley service. This gem was designed by Edwin Capps – who apparently also served as Mayor before and after his small engineering triumph.

The bridge (according to documents) was engineered to hold 2,186 people with an average weight of 150 pounds. There is something deeply thrilling about the sway and the breeze one feels out at the midspan – well worth a visit if you haven’t before (…and yes, you can find it on Yelp!).

And – Studio E Architects celebrates its 25th anniversary this year as well! More on that in future posts.

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