Snoozing In The Great Outdoors!

I stumbled upon a link to something advertised as “Starbeds” today – apparently an uber-lux  hotel/spa/resort in Kenya will set you up on one of these sleeping platforms to enjoy a night under the stars and on the veldt. Sounded pretty good! The photos are amazing and the promise of luxury camping looked inviting.

Starbeds, Kenya

Sleeping in the great out-of-doors was a very popular idea among both public health advocates battling tuberculosis and Southern California architects back in the early 20th century. Our benign climate and warm Santa Ana nights beckoned drowsy designers to dream up a variety comfortable alfresco accommodations.

Schindler’s Kings Road/Chace House

Rudolf Schindler included what he called sleeping baskets atop his own Kings Road House in Los Angeles. A low rooftop and framework of 2X8s were fitted with canvas walls – to make a nighttime nest.

Gill’s Raymond House

Most of Irving Gill’s houses included sleeping porches or garden level loggias designed specifically as spots to swing a hammock.

Schidler’s Lovell Beach House

Schidler’s Newport Beach house for early twentieth century health guru Phillip Lovell included a sleeping balcony inviting inhabitants to nod off to the music of the nearby surf. Nuetra’s SoCal masterpiece – the Kaufman House in Palm Springs – also made space for plein-air napping.

Neutra’s Kaufman House

The Green Brothers provided balconies off each bedroom at their Pasadena masterpiece for the Gambles. Beds in the house were fitted with casters to accommodate easy shifting.

Greene & Greene Gamble House

Providing a gracious outdoor space for an afternoon siesta or an all-night snore-a-thon still seems like one of those great romantic Southern California ideas worthy of refinement.

Let’s be honest…who wouldn’t benefit from a little more sleep?

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