Small is (Very) Beautiful – and Chic

As any repeat visitor to these pages likely already knows, we at Studio E Architects are outsize fans of compact living. With two projects presently under construction that incorporate micro-unitsCeladon at 9th & Broadway in San Diego for BRIDGE Housing and Parkside Studios in Sunnyvale for Charities Housing – we’re also fortunate enough to see the products of our efforts taking shape and writ large. Check out the time lapse videos of construction progress for both projects below:

Celadon at 9th & Broadway. BRIDGE Housing, Developer.

Celadon at 9th & Broadway construction progress video. BRIDGE Housing, Developer.

Parkside Studios

Parkside Studios construction progress video. Charities Housing, Developer.

As our own modest experiments in minimal living continue toward completion, we continue to stumble across others elsewhere who are involved in the same ‘project’ – albeit with more generous budgets and prestigious associations. As examples of this, two slideshows of recent ‘essential homes’ caught our eye: Renzo Piano‘s Diogene House on the Vitra campus, and the Charlotte Perriand-conceived “beach house” commissioned by Louis Vuitton.

photo: designboom

Diogene House – Renzo Piano for Vitra. Photo: designboom

photo: Robert Sadler Clark

‘Beach House’ – Charlotte Perriand for Louis Vuitton. photo: Robert Sadler Clark

Both projects embrace low-square footage footprints and provide high-design results. Sounds intriguing, right? Click here to and here to read the articles and enjoy more photos, and stay tuned to this space for more!

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