SDA presents “Net-Zero Energy Projects – The Next Sustainability Threshold”: Studio E’s Eric Naslund on UC Davis West Village

For their June program meeting, the San Diego Chapter of the Society for Design Administration is hosting a presentation on net-zero-energy construction – projects that generate as much energy as they consume – led by Studio E’s Eric Naslund, FAIA.

The nation's largest zero net energy community - UC Davis West Village

Entitled “Net-Zero Energy Projects – The Next Sustainability Threshold”, the presentation will focus on the case study of West Village at UC Davis – the nation’s largest zero net energy community – and will highlight the challenges, costs, and opportunities involved in these types of developments, as well as the role of the design team in the process.

A sampling of the sunshading techniques employed at West Village

Centered on our seven buildings that surround a village square – and including 123 units of student & staff housing, ground level retail space and a large recreation center for all of the residents – West Village was strategically-designed to lower energy needs with the best energy saving techniques available while simultaneously making room for an appropriate amount of energy generation. Every building employs a super-insulated envelope and extensive sunshading in combination with an impressive array of electricity-generating solar photovoltaic panels to contribute toward the net-zero goal.

Aerial view of West Village: note the extensive roof area of the buildings surrounding the square - all oriented south for optimal solar access and kept clear for the installation of photovoltaic panels

The presentation will be held at the offices of Cavignac & Associates – 450 B Street, Suite 1800, in downtown San Diego on Thursday, June 21, 2012 from 11:30-1:00. Tickets to the event are available here, with discounts for SDA, AIA, and ASLA members. AIA members will also receive LU’s for attending. Hope to see you there!

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