School is in session at High Tech Elementary North County


View of the corridor with colored lightboxes at each classroom entry

Studio E Architects is excited to share with you the completed High Tech Elementary North County.  Construction began in January of 2013, and its completion in time for school in Fall 2014 also marks completion of the master plan for the entire San Marcos campus.  The elementary school employs similar design strategies and material palettes as its Studio E-designed neighbors, High Tech High and High Tech Middle North County so that the three schools generate one cohesive campus.


View of the elementary school and play area

The 31,500 square foot school educates around 300 students and is fully equipped with distinctive classrooms, administrative spaces, and a Commons which opens directly onto a large playground. The project also adds student gardens and an outdoor classroom to the campus’s wealth of student and faculty amenities.


View of the Commons opening to the play area

The building design supports the unique education methods of High Tech, encouraging curious and engaged students and teachers. With movable classroom walls and transparent windows, students can work in small groups or large groups and students (and adults) can see and be inspired by one another’s work.


Visual connection into the classrooms

Similar to High Tech High and Middle School, the new elementary school places value in sustainability and is slated to achieve a LEED Silver rating from the USGBC .  Not only does the project maintain a high environmental standard, but it achieved it affordably – the construction cost for High Tech Elementary was $8.75 million.


View from the elementary of the other campus buildings

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