Rotate Slowly and See – 25 years of Studio E Holiday Cards

As we wrap up 2012 and our 25th year in business this week, we’ve decided to hop in the wayback machine for a look back on the long and storied history of a Studio E Architects office tradition, that of the annual Studio E Holiday Card…

In late November, every year since our inception, we gather around a table to pitch ideas for that year’s card. Like just about anything else that comes across our desks here, we view the exercise as a design opportunity – a chance to apply our ideas and creativity to a smaller scale. Old favorites and cast-offs from previous years are hauled out of the archives and reexamined – forming a veritable Island of Misfit Toys in the middle of our office. A handful of ideas are debated and refined, and a winner is chosen by office vote. No idea is out-of-bounds: sewing, custom die-cuts, re-purposed drinking cups and clown noses, dry-ice… for this bunch, a set of Santa’s Workshop blueprints just won’t do.

Over the years, we’ve put our spin on many a holiday symbol and our distinctive ‘E’ has emerged as sort of totem. The cards have run the gamut from simple handmade objects to exercises in industrial design. Check out the gallery below for some our old favorites, and also the unveiling of this year’s card – inspired by sno-globes and turntables… rotate slowly and see. We hope you enjoy receiving them as much as we do making them.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at Studio E!





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