Places Of Possibility

“We strive to create buildings and public spaces that transcend program to provide comfortable places to live one’s life. Ideally, our buildings anticipate and accommodate change, reuse, and adaptation. We offer them as “frameworks” to inhabit, as places of possibility.” –Definition of “Possibility” from Studio E’s Website

Possibility is the most open-ended and conceptual of our design principles. In many ways, it encompasses attributes from all of our design principles. Each one can relate directly back to the idea of Possibility.

Architecture begins with possibility. And the concept of Possibility is ultimately achieved by creating places that enrich the lives of the people who inhabit the building or space. Successful architecture more than simply satisfies its programmatic requirements, it transcends them to become something memorable. We can take this idea farther by continuing to push the limits of our thinking, continue to challenge what creating places of Possibility can and should achieve, and continue to learn from previous projects and apply this knowledge toward our new work.

Framework High Tech High Chula Vista accommodates the ability to change within a built framework. This is enabled through a flexible, open floor plan and strong, direct paths of circulation that double as additional student work space.

Adaptation Functional spaces that provide a great level of flexibility for specialized activities or informal gatherings and the ability to adapt as needs change.

Transcend Our Housing & Dining Hospitality Building at UCSD is designed around a very specific catering kitchen program. The open-offices on the upper floors provide for a certain amount of future adaptability, both within the current use and possible future tenants. A building that transcends it program.

Place A comfortable place to call home while challenging the status quo of Orange Avenue in Coronado in terms of project type, scale and attitude. Sets a new standard, a new Possibility.

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