“The act of building is primarily concerned with the creation of places for people.  Community results from collective spaces that invite shared participation.
Our buildings define the public realm, shape open spaces, mark thresholds and create transitions.”
-Definition of “Placemaking” from Studio E’s website

There is a longing in everyone to be known and to know others.  No wonder Facebook is catching like wildfire…it is feeding this need. Long before Facebook, buildings were creating places for people to interact and share themselves—to be known and know.  Studio E has always seen buildings as an opportunity to create spaces that encourage human interaction.

People aren’t made for architecture, but rather architecture is made for people. Unfortunately, often buildings are designed solely as a work of art to be admired by people or to meet a budget, program or possibly to achieve a sustainability rating. Our buildings and process should ultimately serve people.

This priority of relationships is also a theme that Studio E attempts to intertwine with clients, consultants and the construction team.

Because ultimately, buildings will decay, but relationships can remain forever…


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