Parkside Studios Prefab

San Francisco Business Times – Prefab Buildings Snap into Place by Adam Wientrab “At 38 Harriet St., 16 prefabricated modules arrived via flatbed truck and were lifted into place by a crane. A finished unit in the microapartment building.”

Adam Wientrab writes about how time is money in his article, Prefab Buildings Snap into Place in the San Francisco Business Times cover story. Charities Housing knows this all too well. Charities Housing executive, Dan Wu said, “We’d been looking at the speed and the cost savings and were at a point where we said ‘we can stay on the sidelines or we can jump in.’” They decided to use prefabricated construction for the first time on Parkside Studios, affordable micro apartments, located in Sunnyvale at 495 N. Wolfe Road. Studio E Architects, designers of Parkside Studios, is happy to add its first modular building to the ranks of multifamily work across California. Principal of Studio E Architects, John Sheehan said, “There’s a steep learning curve, but so far, so good.” Parkside Studios is expected to be complete in 10 months, a big difference from typical construction techniques on a similar and smaller Charities Housing project with a 15 month schedule.

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4 Responses to Parkside Studios Prefab

  1. suzanne lerner says:

    how do i get on a wait list for these apartments? i am low income.

    • perriann says:

      Thanks for reading Suzanne!

      For leasing information, please contact Charities Housing at 408-550-8300 if you’re interested in renting at Parkside Studios or any of their other developments in the South Bay.

      Thank you for your interest!

  2. Bobbie Linden says:

    Can anyone speak to the earthquake safety requirements in regard to these snap together units? How safe is this new design?

    • josh says:

      Hello Bobbie.

      The safety requirements for these units are exactly the same as those for typical bottom-up construction – there is no reduction in safety.

      Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment!


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