Orchids & Onions!

The San Diego Architectural Foundation held it’s 2010 Orchids & Onions award ceremony at the Culy Warehouse in Downtown San Diego Thursday, November 4th…and we’re very proud to say that the Housing Dining Hospitality Building in UCSD walked out with an Orchid for Architecture!

Orchid for Architecture - Housing Dining Hospitality Services Building in UCSD, La Jolla.

This highly visible structure on Torrey Pines Road makes a bold statement as a physical representation of UCSD to the public.  As the nominator noted, the colors of the glass screen wall create a palette of subtly faceted blue and green water colors that not only provide thermal and sun glare protection, but also complement the waves of the Pacific Ocean, visible in the distance. It was clear to the jury that the design team understood the importance of the building’s impact on the students’ lives because every detail was well-considered and executed. As one juror noted “this project hits the mark on multiple levels: Architecture, Interior Design, and Sustainable Design. It’s not just one thing; it’s several things.” Another juror commented that although the LEED designation is commendable, there was more to this project than just points. The designers truly endeavored to do the right thing with every design detail, making it a coherent, sustainable and very usable building.”

For more information/images of the building please click on the link below:

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