Gold Nugget Awards 2011 – Magnolia Court

We’re happy to announce that Magnolia Court, a LEED Platinum affordable housing development for seniors in Manteca, CA, has received the Gold Nugget Grand Award under the category: Green/Sustainable Community — recognizing energy conserving designs, particularly those which avoid or reduce the use of mechanical equipment.

Some of the Judges Comments included the following:
“Previously used as a retention basin for neighboring properties, this project is now a refreshing living experience for senior residents. The project is also one of the first virtually net metered solar systems in the state of California, where the project will have nearly 95 percent of its electric load off-set by its solar system.”

“Designed as a high density project it is situated where numerous community services are available affording a more pedestrian environment for seniors…The site uses 90 percent of the on-site water for irrigation. Trees and other plantings provide 50 percent of the site shading and reduce the heat island effect. To manage on-site waste, construction waste materials were separated for recycling, with over 57 percent of construction waste diverted from landfills. Additional resource management techniques were used in construction, such as off-site prefabrication of walls and trusses.”

“To ensure that the green benefits were communicated to the tenants, educational training sessions were are provided. Additionally, building management was also provided trainings…”

“Thi s affordable senior project demonstrates that architectural design and sustainable design can be successfully incorporated to provide seniors a pleasant living environment.”

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