Coronado Residence — Small, But Just Right.

The Ulma/McKinstry Residence, a single- family home in Coronado, California, broke ground at the end of May and construction is proceeding at a rapid pace. The framing is nearly complete, and the spaces are beginning to take shape.

The rallying cry throughout the design process was “Parva Sed Apta” – a Latin phrase meaning “Small, but just right – and though situated on a small corner lot, the house’s design takes great care to maximize every square inch available, enabling it’s owners to live large in spite of the limited space available on which to build. The floor plan was kept as open as possible, and  high ceilings and transom windows were employed throughout the house to take advantage of Coronado’s ample sunshine and sea breezes in an effort to maximize daylight and cross-ventilation, respectively. City-mandated outdoor parking is located such that it acts as an extension of the kitchen, doubling as a side yard terrace that is shaded by a street front pergola and a mature Magnolia tree. Similarly, a required second story setback enables the creation of a generous rooftop deck, all while helping to reduce the house’s scale and present a varied massing along the house’s twin fronts of street and alley.







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