Boats As Buildings

On a recent vacation to the Sonoma Coast I stumbled upon a remarkable spot well known to many San Franciscans but new to this San Diegan – The Hog Island Oyster Co. The photo below of their outdoor bar reminded me afresh of how much I love buildings made from or inspired by boats. There are scores of examples of this sort of thing all around the world. They range from High Art to Low (see San Giacomo dell’Orio in Venice or the dimunitive shack somewhere in New England). Each time I see one I am delighted. Some of my favorites are pictured below.

Hog Island’s outdoor bar

Fisherman’s huts on Holy Island in the U.K.

Belem Chapel near Lisbon Portugal

Boat Houses in Encinitas, CA

Summer Palace Stone Paddle Wheeler – near Beijing

I imagine that I am not alone in this affection and that perhaps entire websites are devoted to the subject. Please share if you know of one or have a photo to add to my collection. BTW – The oysters were amazing….

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