Bikeway Village Project zipping through public review – next stop California Coastal Commission

Our Bikeway Village project—A non-traditional retail center focused on outdoor and action sports enthusiasts, located in the City of Imperial Beach (see map) – is inching closer to reality by the day, with public review of the proposed zone changes and the environmental impact report for the project concluded as of April 9th. After the City Council holds a public hearing on the project, it will be presented to the California Coastal Commission to request approval.

Bikeway Village "Alternative Retail Center", Imperial Beach

Conceived in conjunction with landscape architect, landLAB. The project aims to be the “greenest development on the bay” featuring large areas of pervious paving, photovoltaics on the two large roofs, low VOC paints, stains and finishes in addition to the projects emphasis on bike users.

The owner has been having quiet discussions with various retailers who might be interested in locating in the “alternative retail center”. Possibilities include—a bike shop, a variety of fitness retailers, a gym, cafes, and a boutique hostel oriented towards bicycle tourists.

If the Bikeway Village gets its permits and receives the go-ahead from the city and the California Coastal Commission, it will take about a year to complete construction. Stay tuned for more updates!

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