Bikeway Village approved by California Coastal Commission

Our proposal for Bikeway Village in the south bay city of Imperial Beach is making news, as the project received approval from the California Coastal Commission and is preparing for the next leg in its race toward becoming a reality…

Bikeway Village aims to attract more visitors to Imperial Beach by repurposing two nondescript warehouses— totaling almost 30,000 SF on 2+ acres adjacent to the San Diego Bay and the Bayshore Bikeway — as an alternative retail center focused on fitness and outdoor activities. “The idea is for it to be a rest stop for cyclists, and a place where visitors and residents can stop by, get something to eat, enjoy the views of Imperial Beach and make it part of their day when visiting the city or even Coronado,” said Greg Wade, assistant city manager of Imperial Beach.


Studio E’s design intentions include: bringing the Bay to the city through material selection & detailing, landscape design, enhancing  views, and improving public access; creating a shared amenity that benefits bicyclists, strollers, birdwatchers, and retail patrons; and creating a model of sustainable redevelopment. Uses may ultimately include bicycle sales and service, indoor and outdoor dining, a fitness studio, and a bicycling-oriented hostel.

Bikeway Village_2

Conceived in conjunction with landscape architecture firm, landLAB, the project aims to be the “greenest development on the bay” featuring large areas of pervious paving, photovoltaic arrays on the roofs, low VOC paints, stains, and finishes, in addition to the project’s emphasis on bike users. Other amenities will include a community room, publicly accessible viewing decks, a fire pit, and expanded parking.

The next stages for Bikeway Village include the completion of construction documents and obtaining a building permit from the city of Imperial Beach – all with the goal of breaking ground on construction within a year. Stay tuned to this space for future updates!

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2 Responses to Bikeway Village approved by California Coastal Commission

  1. Two things to consider for this project:

    1. Specify high quality bike racks since many of the bikers who would stop by ride high quality bikes. I suggest Park-a-Bike’s Campus racks, since they are padded to protect bike finishes and support bikes very well. Also, the racks need to be readily visible since these users will not likely be carrying locks.

    2. There’s another sizable demographic that would be interested in a project like this, and they have considerable spending power – birders. Marketing efforts should therfore include birders, who would also appreciate a place where they can get a cup of coffeeto and a bite to eat, all while overlooking the bay. The site is directly across the Bayshore Bikeway from a dedicated birding park.

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