Adobe Flash Issues With Internet Explorer 9

This is our first post in exactly one month, wow. We were experiencing some issues with our blog after switching hosting companies, so we apologize if you tried to access our blog and got any kind of error message. It’s been hard work to re-build it, but we’re now back in business! (and hopefully have learned a thing or two about WordPress)

We would also like to apologize if you’ve been trying to access our website,, and ended up with a blank screen. Unfortunately, it’s been brought to our attention that our website (a flash/html hybrid) is not visible when using Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), and after doing some research we found many fellow (flash) websites are having the same problem.
Oh no…
The issue, as explained by Adobe earlier this May, is that Flash Player version 10.3 does not work well with IE9 *on some systems*. Though they’ve released some “work-arounds”, we at Studio E ask that you use an alternate browser to ensure content on our website will be displayed as intended.
You can download an alternate browser, such as Firefox, Chrome or Safari, by clicking on each link.

To read more information on this issue, please click on the links below:
Reported Issues with Flash Player 10.3 & Internet Explorer 9
Update on Flash Player 10.3 and IE9 issues

Now, onto more exciting topics…Happy Friday! Stay tuned for upcoming news & updates.

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