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Every year Studio E Architects set out to find a unique twist on the holiday card. We meet weeks in advance and have an inner office competition for the best idea.  For this year’s Holiday Card, the office dabbled in some chalk art photography fun. Members of Studio E were split into groups and tasked with dreaming up a holiday scene in which they would be featured.

The Concepts
Group 1.  Christmas in San Diego
Group 2.  Saving Santa
Group 3.  Jumping into the New Year


The Execution
The fun really began with the challenge of bringing these concepts to life.  One fine, sunny day, posted in the office parking lot, each team crafted and assembled their scenes on the asphalt.  Utilizing chalk, found objects, tools and props, the backgrounds were ready and awaiting the final key pieces.  Once prepared to the satisfaction of our artistic directors,  team members laid out in front, acting out scenarios bringing life and depth to the frame.  The photos featured inside our holiday card were taken from Studio E’s roof.

While we are not Julian Beever, our team had a blast in producing the 2014 Holiday Card.  We hope you enjoy it!

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  1. Kirstin Erickson says:

    Fantastic! Love the ideas AND the execution! Very creative.

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